12 Best Android Dialer Apps You Can Try in 2018

On the off chance that you have utilized a gadget running Stock Android, you realize that it accompanies outstanding amongst other Android dialer apps ever constructed. That is to say, there aren’t any extravagant highlights or anything, yet everything works smooth.

Best Android Dialer Apps

Nonetheless, very few Android gadget makers are sufficiently talented to keep such a UI unblemished. Try not to stress, we have a pleasing arrangement. It’s not tied in with bringing the stock Android telephone app back or anything. Be that as it may, here, we have made a rundown of the 12 gigantically best dialer apps for Android cell phone clients.

Best Dialer App For Android 2018

1). ExDialer

ExDialer is one best dialer app for Android for beyond any doubt. It brings back the articulate effortlessness of stock Android dialer while including some additional highlights.

In the event that your OEM-based dialer is really stirred up and difficult to oversee, you can try ExDialer out. You can see the call log with enough points of interest like a number, time and term, and the dial-cushion can be limited too.


  • Basic and Smooth Interface.
  • In-fabricated motions for one-contact calling and informing.
  • A choice to empower vibration when you interface or detach calls.
  • Accessibility of Themes and Plugins like GeoCoder, which indicates land information of number.

2).  Easier Dialer:

Easier Dialer offers precisely what you think it offers from the name. It’s an ultra-straightforward Android dialer app, noted for the selected structure and helpful highlights. It packs pretty much every component you may discover in a run of the mill dialer app, yet the UI takes the show. On the off chance that you require a gainful dialer app with most highlights, you can go for Simpler Dialer.


  • Call blocking and Group Texting.
  • Great contact the executives, blending, adjusting and copy finding.
  • Disconnected and online Contacts Backup.
  • Keen T9 Dialer and Smart Clean-up alternatives.

3). RocketDial Dialer:

Utilized by a great many individuals, RocketDial Dialer is a consistently refreshed dialer app for Android out there. It is pressed with a moderate, dim plan that is anything but difficult to explore. The perfect interface is reasonable for all the brand UIs you might utilize. It packs some great highlights, valuable for an association and speedy access. In the event that you are searching for an element rich Android dialer.


  • One-contact reinforcement and reestablish.
  • Guest ID and In-Call Note taking.
  • T9 Search and Call Confirmation.
  • Gathering Management.

4). Contacts+:

Contacts+ can be an amazing option in contrast to the OEM-based dialer you as of now have. This app has incorporated some cool highlights like contact the board, combining and copy finding. You can likewise modify the manner in which it demonstrates your contacts and call logs, in the most advantageous way. It additionally functions as a platform where you will have the capacity to associate with your companions and other individuals.


  • Offers security for your put away contacts, through encryption and past.
  • In-constructed Caller ID and Call Blocking motors.
  • Profound mix with apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Duo and so on.
  • Android Wear support and adaptability.

5). Drupe:

Drupe is an alternate sort of Android dialer app that takes care of business. It’s accessible in different dialects and offers a ton of highlights to run with. To the extent the structure is concerned, Drupe keeps everything straightforward. Opening the dialer app will demonstrate you contact information as an overlay, for example, Favorites and the Dialer. You can dispatch Drupe by hauling the drops that you see on screen.


  • In-assembled Call Recording highlight.
  • Guest ID Tracker to discover the personality of approaching numbers.
  • Alternative to set GIF Stickers for contacts, which will be appeared while calling.
  • Various record mix for WhatsApp, Duo, Allo and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

6). ZenUI Dialer:

As you can figure, ZenUI Dialer is from ASUS and is incorporated as the default dialer for ASUS gadgets. In the event that you are searching for a straightforward yet profitable Android dialer app elective, it’s a decent decision.

The dialer gives the better significance of sorting out your call logs and contacts for simple access. Likewise, the UI runs in a state of harmony with a wide range of skins you may utilize, paying little heed to the brand and UI.


  • Inbuilt component for blocking undesirable calls.
  • Secret phrase assurance for contact rundown and call logs.
  • Contact the executives highlights like consolidating and copy finding.
  • Accessibility of subjects and customization.

7). Truecaller Caller ID and Dialer:

As you probably are aware, Truecaller: Caller ID and Dialer is in the meantime a dialer and a guest ID app. As an app, it does the activity truly well, particularly with regards to arranging the points of interest. It’s a matter of additional accommodation that you can without much of a stretch comprehend who has called you, ideal from the Calling Screen or Call Log list. It’s additionally conveying a few changes to the call screen, where you can get adequate information and controls. It’s very simple to set up as well. The best dialer app for Android in the element rich classification.


  • A choice to square spam calls and in addition telemarketing calls.
  • Discover insights about a number from the Call Log and when there is an approaching call.
  • Call blocking, individual and arrangement based.
  • Subject help and Dual SIM bolster.

8). OS9 Phone Dialer:

In the event that you feel weak at the knees over the iOS Dialer app, you should attempt OS9 Phone Dialer, which is an extraordinary decision from Google Play Store.

The app essentially is a copy of the iOS dialer app, giving you a chance to oversee things utilizing a couple of signals. Contrasted with different dialers, it includes a greater dial-cushion, which is helpful in the event that you know about T9 Search.


  • A better combination with WhatsApp and other IM accounts.
  • Call blocker and Caller ID covering up.
  • Double SIM the board and Speed Dial.
  • Gigantic and simple to-utilize T9 Search-empowered dial-cushion.

9). Eyecon Dialer:

A standout amongst the most component rich app in the rundown, Eyecon Dialer is really another across the board app for telephone the executives. Utilizing it, you will have the capacity to deal with your call logs, contacts and even empower Caller ID.

At the point when contrasted with alternate apps we have secured above, Eyecon Dialer is more visual-arranged. You can without much of a stretch oversee everything utilizing symbols and pictures, rather than perusing a considerable measure, which is extraordinary for older folks also.


  • Reconciliation with all the well has known web-based life platforms.
  • A visual-based structure that is anything but difficult to explore through.
  • Guest ID highlight that wards off spams.
  • Capacity to alter the worldwide location book.

10). Contakts Address Book:

Contakts Address Book is really an across the board Android app for contact the board. In actuality, it likewise conveys a delightful and simple to-utilize Android dialer. In this way, on the off chance that you favor having your contacts sorted out in a noteworthy way, you ought to go for Contakts Address Book. Customization through a choice of subjects, performance supports and so forth are a few reasons why individuals incline toward it to stock dialer.


  • A combination with IMs like WhatsApp.
  • Cutting edge contacts the executives and association.
  • You can adjust contact information by means of Facebook also.
  • A negligible measure of promotions.

11). Metro Phone Dialer:

Metro Phone Dialer has a structure that is propelled by Microsoft Metro apps. The app completes a splendid activity with regards to offering a brisk and-simple method for getting to your contacts by means of a dialer. The entire interface has been characterized into various classes, offering you specific perspectives of your logs and contacts. The tab-based UI makes everything simple from the convenience perspective.


  • A rich plan of Metro UI, likewise appropriate for Dark topics.
  • Standard and propelled contact activities and the board.
  • 12-shading based topic determination.
  • Totally free.

12). Genuine Phone Dialer:

Genuine Phone Dialer is a standout amongst the most generally utilized Android dialer apps you can discover on Google Play Store. It’s having a 4.6 with around 100k introduces, which is extraordinary. The dialer app utilizes a straightforward plan method that gives space for cutting-edge highlights. At the point when contrasted with alternate dialers we’ve talked about above, True Phone Dialer offers better call-based highlights.


  • A ground-breaking contact chief.
  • Expanded help for Dual SIM and Themes.
  • Brilliant gathering of Recent Calls area.
  • T9 Search and better route controls.

Wrapping Up

Thus, these are the 12 best Android dialler apps you can discover today. Thinking from the convenience perspective, every one of them can make your call the board simpler than you anticipate. Which outstanding amongst other Android dialer apps do you incline toward? Do tell us through your remarks.

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